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What Happens When… 

A Scientist, an MBA, and a Beauty Nutrition and Skincare Expert meet in a juice bar? The realization of nutrition-based skincare didn’t happen overnight. ZSS™ was born through the integration of science, wellness, and beauty to offer products for those who aspire to feel and look their best. Rooted in nutrition and clean, sustainable skin care, our unique team of experts pooled their know-how to develop Zea Skin Solutions complete skin nutrition-based skincare systems.

Before the juice bar…

ZSS co-founder Dr. Dennis Gierhart, Ph.D. is a biochemist and food scientist, Dr. Gierhart has spent over 30 years researching and formulating with our key ingredient Zeaxanthin. He is the driving force behind unlocking all the benefits of zeaxanthin for both eye and skin health. Dennis is also the founder of the EyePromise brand, which is the leading eye health brand used by doctors to help patients preserve the quality of their vision since 2000. Over time, eye doctors started reporting that their patients taking higher doses of Zeaxanthin were raving about the skin benefits they were experiencing. With that in mind, Dennis began funding research to study and confirm the benefits of Zeaxanthin for your skin. This research showed that Zeaxanthin is great for skin health when taken orally and applied topically. Based this research Dennis formed a team to design “better together” inside and out skincare systems.

Back to the juice bar…

In 2012, Dr. Gierhart shared his research and findings with nutrition and beauty formulation expert and co-founder Paula Simpson and leading skincare expert, Dan Fryda, then recruited business expert and co-founder, Emily Frank. The ZSS dream team was born.

Today: Driven by science, rooted in nature.

The ZSS team combined Zeaxanthin with complementary ingredients to create the Zea Skin Solutions “better together” Radiant Skin and Clear Skin Systems. Our 45-day and 30-day Systems include a facial serum and daily nutritional supplements. Both are formulated with naturally derived ingredients and were part of a full twelve-week placebo-controlled clinical trial. Zea Skin Solutions offers a range of products that “work together” to nourish and balance your skin health. ZSS continues the mission to develop innovative products that are science-driven, rooted in nature – supporting healthy skin, from the inside and out.

Our Medical & Wellness Beauty Experts

  • Dennis L. Gierhart, Ph.D. – Founder

    Dennis has a Ph.D. in food and industrial microbiology.  He has been researching and formulating with zeaxanthin for over thirty years.  While building his first company, Applied Food Biotechnolo …

  • emily-frank
    Emily Frank – Co-Founder, President

    Emily started working with Dr. Gierhart in 2010 as the Vice President of Business Development at ZeaVision.  In 2012, she started workin

  • paula-simpson
    Paula Simpson – Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

    Paula has integrated her expertise in nutrition, natural health and beauty to drive innovation within the medical, wellness and personal care sectors. With global recognition as a formulation and  …